The Obligatory "Here We Grow" Post -- But We Need a HUGE Favor...

TrumpTown is booming, but we're looking to YOU to kick this into high gear!

Guys, gals... wow. Just wow. 

We're closing in on 1 week in operation and all I can say is, well... nothing really, because I'm speechless. 

The outpouring of support has gone well above and beyond anything in our wildest dreams and that has ALL been because of you. Our wonderful community has obviously spread the word and we're seeing a steady increase in registered users every day. 

I say that because I don't want to sound greedy when I say -- we need more. And let me tell you why. 

A social network, in order to be successful, needs to hit "critical mass." That means it needs to hit the number of registered members necessary to become self-sustaining and engaging enough for users to log back in and use the site, on a recurring basis. 

We don't know exactly what our critical mass number is... yet. But here's one thing I do know -- we are CLOSE. So, so close. The community is booming. Posts are being created, shared and reacted to, and that is just plain awesome.

We've made waves, people. You have single-handedly, by spreading the word, affected some level of change in the social media realm. People are talking and I'm betting that some Silicon Valley folks have taken notice. 

They thought they had the monopoly. They thought it was time to censor and sway public opinion throught their enormous, Goliath-like platforms. They thought they had you right where they wanted you. 

They were wrong.

So at this critical moment in time, I'm asking you -- patriot to patriot -- to share this growing community on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, email, word of mouth, messenger... ANY possible way you can. Share our link on your favorite forum, Pinterest, blogs... everywhere. 

If we buckle down and do that now, we won't have to worry about it later because the site will grow organically -- it'll grow itself. 

Thank you again, all of you. The founders of TrumpTown have never been more humbled, proud and excited in their entire lives. 

Let's be the beast that the mainstream, liberal tech elites worry about at night. 

Let the sharing begin!