Boo or ooB? It's ooB.

In the year 2067 a brilliant college graduate historian will write that Smirk said ooB. Full report follows. Click Smirk's face for the rest.... Another masterful expose by MrOT.


If the transcript shows Smirk saying "Boo" his lawyer will say that you did not read what you read. Instead, he said "ooB."

And the funny thing...that's what the MSDNC media reports. "Smirk said ooB."

And the funnier thing is that the left goes around all day chanting "ooB. ooB. ooB."

And the most funniest thing is that there isn't one blessed thing we can do to correct their miswired brains. And after awhile even some of our RINOS go around chanting... "ooB ooB ooBie oodooBie ooBie"

...and the final funny is that in the year 2067 a brilliant college historian will write a book entitled "Smirk said ooB." and make a million Google credits from the deal.