Open letter to American Conservative news. Part 2.

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Open letter to American Conservative news. Part 2.

Open letter to American Conservative news. Part 2.

Who am I bothering busy you when you have been covering or in politics for years? You might have asked the same thing to a gent we all know well if you owned a restaurant back in 1957. I'm the political Ray Krock and have met the political McDonald Brothers. And what I have is an offer of franchise rights to a location for a little work on your part. Or at least, a piece of one. Instead of burgers, fries and drinks. We're ousting Democrats out of office by handfuls. What we need to win this social political war is more locations. What we call All-Star Teams. Why tell you? Because we need Advocates with a few contacts in the conservative community. That have some name recondition, that can throw the first pitch to help get game started. I'm contacting you because I like winning! Hundreds of All Star Teams. And we are going to let you play. Because I like winning! People that don't get to play are the ones that send me me back the sound of crickets. That's not winning!

Sorry if my writing style offends. I'm not a professional writer. I'm a guy that knows how to put pieces together. How to motivate people. And. Get. The. Job. Done.

The S2 Project breaks down like this... “S2”, is military intelligence that we have adapted for civilian use. MAGA. “The Project”, is getting conservatives like you, conservative organizations, off their tushes to form the All-Star Teams. So we can train them. Then send the teams more more people to help.

Because I like winning, sending me back nothing but the sounds of crickets is not an option. To do so would be to be complacent with or disbelieving of the Socialist /Marxist order. I have met over a hundred famous people and was never star-stuck over a raised eyebrow. Not one autograph asked for. So unless you think you're Paul Newman drinking my beer. You best get get back to me so we can win this war. Leave a message at, The S2 Project. 877-783-7778 Voice prompt 1 or 2. Or by email.

CPAC 2019 Was a lot about the “what” the “why”. The S2 Project brings the “how”.

C. Oldham

Commander, The S2 Project