TrumpTown's Launch (and invite your friends)

A quick note about the launch, issues and the future

What a wild and crazy 72 hours.

Lack of sleep, fighting off wicked colds and a mountain of unexpected technical problems are just a few of the wondeful things we experienced during the launch of social media's newest contender: TrumpTown. 

But my gosh, what an experience. Going into this, we knew it would get some attention, but we had no idea what to expect. Would people join? Would they appreciate the familiar usability? Would they simply laugh us out of the room?

The good news is that folks -- especially ones who have suffered the wrath of a banning from mainstream social media outlets -- took to TrumpTown like it was their long, lost home. The feedback we've received indicating that is just overwhelming, humbling and so, so good to hear. 

As you (or someone you know) may have experienced, we hit a few walls after a couple of big articles (and mention on television) hit and traffic spiked, which in turn melted our servers. We honestly thought we were prepared for heavy loads, but we weren't. And that's OK. We've learned extremely valuable lessons and we're spending every minute of every day improving everything we can. 

Thank you for all of the kind emails, comments and messages of support. It's rare that users of an application or service are so understanding and willing to be patient --  you all proved otherwise. What a blessing. 

Lastly, while we're happy with the pace our member count is growing, we still need more. We'll always need more. The larger we are, the more survivability we have against the big guys. Let's make a splash... let's get on their radars. They need to know that while they may be the biggest guy in the room -- we have the most heart. 

So we'll humbly ask you to tell your friends about -- send out a mass email to all your like-minded conservative friend and family. Spread our news stories, like this one from Fox News, all over Facebook and Twitter. 

Post about in your favorite forums. Let the world know we're here. This is exciting for us and it's exciting for you! Finally, a place where we can all breathe and not constantly worry that our pro-Trump post might get us banned or suspended. Feels good, right?

That's all for now. We'll be providing regular updates and thoughts for the future of the site on this blog, so check back. Remember, go share TrumpTown everywhere you can. We love you and we appreciate you. 

God Bless America.