I, Fanatic

An underused word today is....fanatic. Let me explain. Read the piece.

New Fun Thing.... Name That Fanatic

No one (Except MrOT) can make a case for the bizarre antics of the democrats particularly as regards the wall except to say that it's just politics.

Reason 1: Money

The democrats in some way are being paid off by the Mexican drug cartels. Mexico, as you know, is a narco state. The cartels run the government. The few, the proud, the brave Mexicans who bucked the system had their heads, feet, and sexual organs handed to them. Literally. There are no more brave Mexicans left. Mexico is awash in drug money..so why not? Could be.

Reason 2: Dems are fanatics

Progressive, radical, commie, sociaiist. All these terms go together and all been used to describe the bizarre and often suicidal traits of democrats and liberals in general. And sometimes this is true. However...the word that may best describe the whole basket is fanatic...a word rarely used.

Power Dems are fanatics...

Compare historic fanatics to democrats.

  • Nazis, the obvious choice. True believers. In the death camps some of the participants were family men. They would get up, go into the office at 9AM each morning and shoot people in the heads. Lots of people. At lunch they might gripe that on top of everything else they were expected to load their own ammo clips. After lunch, more head shots. Perfectly natural useful work. Normal. Needed.
  • Nazi health care workers. Compassionate health care givers at Nazi run lunatic asylums would get up at 9AM each morning, go to work, and stuff patients into a truck, to which the tailpipe had been modified to deliver the exhaust into the van compartment thus suffocating the patients. Natural, normal, needed, and good for the patient in the long run. Very humane in the best traditions of care giving. True believers.
  • ISIS executioners. Of course you remember all the inventive ways ISIS used to kill its victims. Great YouTube entertainment. Fun for all. Possibly imagined by some but never carried out before, and never for the camera. Oscar winning directorial performances. 
  • The Old Testament. Rife with examples of genocide. True believers.
  • The Yugoslav wars. (Serbia in the early 90's) Numerous well intentioned atrocities including massacres, ethnic cleansing, systematic rape, crimes against humanity and genocide. Keep in mind that we're talking modern educated people here.
  • Russian atrocities before and during WWII. Pol Pot in the 70's. 1.5 to 2 million Cambodians died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork.

Well, you get the idea. The common theme here is that the perps of these world class award winning mega crimes were all TRUE BELIEVERS and FANATICS.

Which brings us to today. Chuck 'n Nancy. Of the two, Nancy is the fanatic. The true believer. Chuck is simply an opportunist. He doesn't really deep down believe most of the garbage he spews. But Nancy does.

California. The Golden State is run by...fanatics. True believers. The top true believer is the governor. Elsewhere, most recently, a CNN hostette who tidied up her fingernails as a guest was making an impassioned plea for sanity on the border wall. She is a true believer. A fanatic.

Historical fanatics opting for violent behavior, their eyes glazed over would not have comprehended that they were doing badness. Would not have computed.

Our modern fanatics, their eyes glazed over, can easily walk among the charred and the dead and the broken bodies of their victims....and see only roses. They can do this because they are fanatics. They truly walk a different path from the rest of us.

The thing that ALL fanatics have in common, whether they be unspeakable villians of the past or modern day snowflakes is that whatever true path they are on is thie ONLY one that matters. And they have NO stops in their abnormal brains. Doesn't matter if it's legislation to make all can openers red or to send all opponents to re-education camps. What they want is right and nothing else matters. They give no defense, exhibit no rationale, don't feel the need to explain. The "I WANT" is sufficicent and woe to anyone who disagrees.

Fanatics are sort of like supercell thunderstorms of summer. They make their own atmosphere. They drift here and yon causing all sorts of destruction. No rhyme. No reason. And no regrets.

No regrets. That's a huge part of being in the fanatic way. Do whatever feels good, with zero thought of consequences. No guilt. It's all of a piece....the pieces we most often use to describe the odd and destructive behavior lf liberals.

So what's to be done about it?

Well, in nearly all cases just as the supercell thunderstom implodes after a time, so do the fanatics. You know how it's going for ISIS. They are viewed as less worthy to live than lice and mosquitoes. They bloomed, had their fatal time, and today nature takes its course.

Dittos for all the other fanatic regimes. They bloom, make a mess, and nature takes her course to rid the planet of an abomination. No fanatic regime lasts. Just ask the Germans.

The point I make about fanatics...all fanatics... both foreign and domestic is that they are dangerous because they don't need a legit reason to be bad. They are capable of ANYTHING.Their faulty brains are set permanently to "I WANT."

Our homegrown fanatics reside nearly all together in the democrat party which is openly sliding toward genuine socialism/communism. And as you know the ONLY thing standing between us and them is Fortress Trump. 

Currently our fanatics are suppresed by Trump. But this will change, and if the lessons of history hold they will bloom, wreak untold carnage, and then then nature will have her turn on them.

Fanaticism does not flourish only because times are bad. It takes root in regular times, and as our situation shows good times as well. Our current crop of fanatics run rampant like an overgrowth of anal bacteria because times are so good and conservatives are so complacent and willing to let the children have the run of the nursery. We DID vote in the feckless useless republicans who are letting it happen...after all.

America may be well on her way to her own French Revolution. Those living today will know struggle beyond our imagination. If the fanatics have their way.