January 2019 TrumpTown Update

This is gonna be a GREAT year for TrumpTown!

Happy 2019 to all of TrumpTown's awesome users and we hope you had a safe and happy holiday season!

We wanted to take a few minutes and provide an update on the state of TrumpTown and what the future hopefully holds for us all. We haven't been as vocal lately and have encountered some interesting (sometimes discouraging) technical and business-related issues over the past 6 weeks. 

First let me say that while we haven't been as responsive as we usually are to emails and suggestions, please know that we see them all. We've made site improvements based on ideas from you... oftentimes ones that we hadn't even thought of, and we love that. It benefits everyone. 

Other issues, like the iOs app (which we would love to say was live, but it's not), and other technical fixes and improvements to the site have been prioritized, as it takes somewhat significant financial resources to have experienced developers make the necessary changes on the back-end. 

But we knew that going into this and like any other start-up worth its salt, we began to search for possible angel investors and investor groups who could provide us with the capital needed to continue marketing and developing the site. We figured it would be pretty easy as we fit ALL the criteria for a successful, optimistic investment, given our early success. 

What we didn't expect to encounter was the fact that nearly every investor group we came across essentially turned up their noses at us simply because we're a pro-Trump community. 

That's ridiculous and sad, but not super surprising. We're talking about experienced, successful investors who refuse to get in on our successful project based on their extreme liberal ideologies. That's so dumb and sums up Democrats in a nutshell. 

I wish we could say that we don't care. But the problem is that we have to care. Without proper funding, TrumpTown won't be able to to make the necessary improvements through both development and marketing that it needs to hit critical mass. And that's definitley a problem moving forward. 

Make no mistake -- we're continuing the search for conservative-friendly investors who aren't scared of a large community of pro-Trump Americans, but in the mean time, we decided to take action. 

I'm sure by now you've heard of an honorable man by the name of Brian Kolfage. He's the triple-amputee war veteran who has successfully raised over $18 million for the border wall in the matter of a few short weeks. Amazing, right? It's not surprising, though. Conservatives are the first to rally around important issues and offer their support. 

So, given the importance of having a large, booming, Trump-friendly community online that could actually help shape future elections, we've also decided to reach out to the people who make things happen -- you. 

We started a GoFundMe for TrumpTown, because we truly feel that at this point, it's our best (and maybe only) shot at taking TrumpTown to the next level, where we'll have millions of pro-Trump supporters just in time for the 2020 elections. 

Imagine having this kind of community with no fears of Facebook or Twitter banning our voices or purging our pages when it's election time? That's literally elitist Silicon Valley's worst nightmare. And our sole mission in life is to make that happen. 

Don't get us wrong, we're already humbled and thankful for all of your early support. We do feel that with additional help that we can make this something which has the power to change America for the better... for years to come. 

Share with your friends, family and anywhere you can. Next week we'll be launching a major push to get our GoFundMe fundraising efforts into the media. 

Bottom line: This social network will be GREAT because of YOU. 

God Bless you and your family in this fresh new year, and God Bless America!