Mutt Romney has a plan. Don't doubt me.

Mutt Romney. King of Rinos. Hero Emperor to Dems

Mutt has a plan aka a scam and he's busy running it on America.

Poor sods in Utah. The Utah republican overmasters didn't really give peon voter Utahians much of a choice. They just about had to vote for Mutt. Did they know that he was just using them? Would ditch them the first chance he got?

King Mutt. King of the RINOS and friend of disgusting dems.

There was much confusion when Mutt issued his manifesto promising to go to war with our beloved Trumpus MAGA. What was his strategery? What was his goal? Had he lost his mind?

He did not lose his mind. Far from it. Trump knows EXACTLY what Mutt is up to. In the best traditions of politics and marketing Mutt just carved out his niche in the order of things.

Going in, Mutt was ALREADY King of the RINOS. Remember the 'lection? Remember all the damage he along with his RINO pals did?

But Mutt recanted. Got over it. Begged for Trump's nod..etc.

Partly wrong. Mutt wanted Trump's blessing alright and he got it. Trump is a generous man. Trump is a man of second chances. Trump is a risk taker.  And sometimes El Trumpo gets burnt. He got burnt.

Mutt brings ALL his outside establishment RINO pals to his aw-gust office in the senate...and he just announced that he is the NEW leader of the RINO resistance within the senate.

Mutt, who is not a stupid man, must know that the odds are against him. His niche is a loser. But he can hope. Mutt has high hopes. Something could change and we could all run to him shouting "Hey Hosanna Mutt. Save us. SAVE US!"

And thus Mutt positions himself as the King of the Fools on both sides of the aisle. Beloved by RINOS and appreciated by discredited dems.

Will the bold coalition Mutt works tirelessly to cobble hold and succeed. God help us if it does.

King Mutt, King of the Binders...whatever else you say about him is NOT a nice man.